How i work

I invite myself and the student to:

· explore movement
· experience anatomy
· see physical alignment
· train kinesthetic imagination
· change ways of thinking
· question beliefs about limitations
· observe the breath
· become aware of voice- or sound-quality
· act from a space of calmness
· be open for new experiences.

It is a great joy for me to work with the Alexander technique and accompany the many facets involved in a process of change.
The experience of the primary control is significant to me, and I use the classic tools and concepts of AT (inhibition and direction) so you can quickly learn to implement them for yourselves.

During a lesson, I explain these concepts with the help of words, pictures, tactile impulses, and humor. You will learn to apply ease to whatever your activities are: (speaking, singing, playing a musical instrument, jogging, dance, practicing yoga asanas and more) to express your talents, joy and vitality.

I offer private lessons in Bremen, work with colleagues when on tour, and give courses at home and abroad. Lessons can be taught in English, German, French or Dutch.


CD Salon music for horn Vol. 2: Release date 14.9.2022

Performed by Renée Allen on natural and valve horns (includng Hybridtechnique) and Assen Boyadjiev on piano.

A second CD with first recordings of music for French horn 
and piano from the Bremen A.E. Fischer collection is now available. 



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