The Reconnection

In 2009 I was offered “Reconnective healing”(1) sessions by a trained practitioner. My experience was so profound that I felt compelled to find out more.  After reading Dr. Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection”(2) a possibility to take a training course with Dr. Pearl in Belgium quickly arose. 

To say that “The Reconnection”(3)  influenced my life would be an understatement. It has brought my life more into balance. Change happened quickly on all levels, (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual) and I was able to fearlessly make decisions and flow with all the small and large developments in my life with ease.  

Over the years, my understanding and appreciation of this work has grown.  My goal is to come in contact with the client so as to allow the frequencies to do their intended work for the highest and best. 

I feel grateful to be a part of ” a deeper understanding of the ever-expanding connection of healing, science and consciousness for human health and global evolution“ echoing F. M. Alexander’s wish for a conscious evolution of mankind.(4)

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(1) TM
(2) The Reconnection, by Dr. Eric Pearl, 2007 Harper and Harper NY.NY 
(3) The treatment on two following days whereby one is reconnected to the axial tonal lines of the universe)
(4) Man’s Supreme Inheritance, F.M. Alexander, 1924


CD Salon music for horn Vol. 2: Release date 14.9.2022

Performed by Renée Allen on natural and valve horns (includng Hybridtechnique) and Assen Boyadjiev on piano.

A second CD with first recordings of music for French horn 
and piano from the Bremen A.E. Fischer collection is now available. 



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