Playing the horn demands a high technical proficiency, self-confidence, and steady nerves.   When I arrived in Germany at the age of 25, I was told: „You are too old to learn“. My refusal to believe this, sent me on a long search for ways to improve. It was especially through the study of the Alexander technique, that I gained tools to refine my performance. Awareness of breath and posture have been my steady partners in life, when performing on the horn as well as during my meditation practice or in daily life.

Today, I continue to learn, always in search of more ease. The ability to choose freely to alter the music during a performance, adds joy to every concert.


CD Salon music for horn Vol. 2: Release date 14.9.2022

Performed by Renée Allen on natural and valve horns (includng Hybridtechnique) and Assen Boyadjiev on piano.

A second CD with first recordings of music for French horn 
and piano from the Bremen A.E. Fischer collection is now available. 



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