People who perform in public.
People who work with their voices.
People who wish to overcome stage fright.

Professional and amateur musicians who wish to improve their expression.
Those who wish to understand more about the use of the breath.
Musicians in crisis.

Students preparing for exams.

Alexander technique teachers - who wish to deepen their understanding about performance situations; - who want to integrate breathing in their work.


Saving lost music for horn

Music from A.E. Fischer editions, Bremen, 1896, formerly lost in WW II, was recorded on original instruments.

Endangered by the Corona crisis: A CD production with many first recordings of German romantic literature, recorded on original instruments, including a horn with an engraving from A.E. Fischer Bremen! The funds for the mastering and pressing of the CDs as well as the costs for the graphic design and printing of the booklet are still missing.  The music from the collection Solo Buch für Waldhorn wants to live and touch listeners once more. You can support this project by clicking on the link. You can read my article about salon music that appeared in the Horn Call 02.2020, by clicking here.


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