When beginning to learn the Alexander technique, it is recommended to arrange the lessons in proximity of each other. Experience has shown that in this way, the principles can be learned and integrated more quickly.

I reserve some discounted places for those in temporary financial difficulty. Feel free to speak to me about this.

0421 / 8394 7770 or info(at)renee-allen.de

Individual lessons by appointment:

Lesson 55 Minutes 60€
Card for 10 lessons, valid for 6 months 555€
Card for 10 lessons valid for 2 Months 500€
(recommended for beginners)

Bremen, 24.-27.03. 2016 Hochschule für Künste   Horn teacher in the Historic Brass course

Paris 11.2015 Conservatoire Gabriel Fauré Conférence et Atelier sur le Souffle                      

Paris 26.-29.01.2015
ETAPP (École Technique F.M. Alexander de Paris pour Professeurs)

Paris 24.-25.01.2015
La respiration et la Technique Alexandre LAFTA (L’associaton française de la Technique Alexandre)

Moscow 20-25.10.2014 Workshop/Unterricht
Alexander Technique, Breath and Music
Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music
Moscow Tschaikovsky Conservatory

Oslo 29.-31.03.2014 Vortrag/Unterricht
Horn, Alexander Technique and Natural Breathing
Norges musikhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music

Brussels 17-20.12.2013 Workshop/Seminar/Unterricht
Le Cor et la Technique Alexandre
Classes de Jean-Pierre Dassonville au Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles et Académie de Musique Woluwe Saint Lambert
Horn class of Luc Bergé, Königliches Konservatorium Brüssel

Maintal, 21./22. 09. 2013, Workshop
Ein freier und geschmeidiger Atem
Workshop für Lehrer/Innen der F.M. Alexander-Technik

Würzburg, 15.05.2013, Workshop/Seminar
Historical Breathing Technique
Würzburg Musikhochschule, Abteilung Historische Instrumente


Salon music for horn CD 2!!

A second CD with first recordings of music for French horn and

piano from the Bremen A.E. Fischer collection is in preparation.

Of course played on historical instruments once again!

More information about this can be seen and heard at:



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