„Renee succeeded to give me means which can effectively resolve my conflict with the use of my breath.

The difference is enourmous. I can move from laborious breathing efforts to allowing myself to be breathed. I can sense how the in and out breath help to support my posture. Again and again, I can find a balance within myself from which I can meet the music and leave self-criticism behind.

These things help me to allow the air to flow, instead of me trying to push it. In particular, the permanent experience of the inhalation reflex, which I knew existed but could not consistently reproduce when playing, has become an insatiable joy. "

Stefan F., Trombone player(Hessen)


„During the performance, I could hear you words about breathing, articulation and posture that we discussed in our lessons. They really helped me and radically changed my way of breathing and playing the horn. Just being aware of how and when to use the air, improves my performance.“

Gilbert C., Horn player (Berlin)

„You not only gave me a horn lesson, but a lesson about music and for life. “

Florence, teacher (Brüssel)


Over the years, in the search to optimize ourselves and counterbalance restless times, one comes into contact with many different body- mind techniques.  Whether at work or at play, we have internalized performance expectations and gotten to know the other side of the coin so that a crisis management becomes necessary. It is easy to fall into the trap of looking for the perfect solution, and in the Alexander technique, one finds oneself confronted with the concept that this kind of goal-orientated thinking is actually the problem. In this technique, our awareness is turned to our “faulty use” so that we can learn to recognize and dissolve it.  To replace our “faulty use” with “good use” sounds simple at first, but because of the complex interaction of neurons, and the many faceted demands made on our body during movement, it quickly becomes clear that this is quite difficult, and only accessible to a very discriminating, intelligent, empathic and experienced teacher. It is very fortunate to have found such a person in Renée Allen. In that she is also a professional musician, she understands the problems a musician faces. After only 10 lessons, my amateur piano playing has gained ease and expression, even in difficult passages. Everyday movements seem lighter and effortless. Postural tensions, in my case in the neck, shoulder and arm region, don’t build up so easily.  All in all, good reasons to stay on the path of the Alexander technique.

V.Klein, Neurologist (Bremen)


Saving lost music for horn

Music from A.E. Fischer editions, Bremen, 1896, formerly lost in WW II, was recorded on original instruments.

Endangered by the Corona crisis: A CD production with many first recordings of German romantic literature, recorded on original instruments, including a horn with an engraving from A.E. Fischer Bremen! The funds for the mastering and pressing of the CDs as well as the costs for the graphic design and printing of the booklet are still missing.  The music from the collection Solo Buch für Waldhorn wants to live and touch listeners once more. You can support this project by clicking on the link. You can read my article about salon music that appeared in the Horn Call 02.2020, by clicking here.

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